Two Company News

9 December 2009

Number Two Company deployed to Helmand Province, Afghanistan in mid September 2009 to take over from Number Two Company, 1 WG in an unknown base called Interim Operating Base Wahid.  Wahid is situated at the junction between the Luy Mandah Wadi, the NeB Canal and the Shamalan Canal; in the more general context we were positioned between the area of Babaji (were Op Panther's Claw was conducted in the summer) and Nad-e Ali (where the Grenadier Battle Group is based).  We were surrounded on three sides by Insurgent groups and to our north was the desert and in the distance Camp Bastion.  Number Two Company was to occupy Wahid for two months before handing the area over to the Estonian Company and moving to Patrol Base Pimon.  Pimon sits at the North-West corner of Nad-e Ali and occupies one of the few crossings into Nad-e Ali from the desert (again across the NeB Canal).  At the time of writing the Company has been in Pimon for two weeks.