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The Affair of the Salad in the Tarbouche

In March 1882, Lt William Farrer of the Grenadier Guards was on leave in Egypt and staying at Shepheard’s Hotel in Cairo. On the evening of the 4th, Farrer came down to dinner at the Table d’Hôte prior to joining Sir Edward Malet, the Consul General, at the Khedive’s box at the Opera where he was in... read

1899 Sgt Tang's letter to Capt Montgomerie

FROM THE ARCHIVES Captain Montgomerie, Grenadier Guards, Adjutant, The Chinese Regiment, Wei Hai Wei June 1899 Sir, I beg to state you the cause of my absence from parade this morning. As we were [marching] up in the hill this morning Capt Hill asked me to tell Corporal to bring his section to... read