A Selection of Photographs 1868-1946

Ypres from air 6 Oct 1916
Tennant, Wellesley and Baillieu airdrome
Somme attack
Somme attack 2
Pristine fighting trench
Prince of Wales and Prince Albert
POW cage
Motorcycle MG team
Legh and Cadogan July 1916
leaving the line with german pows
Howitzer tractor
Highland regiment on the march
Guns going fwd before Somme 1916
Guillemont before bombardment
Guillemont after bombardment
Group of soldiers
German trenches
German trenches at Festubert
Fellow officers and royal princes
Communicatuions trench
Attack 2
Attack 1
Aerial torpedo 1915 with Breeze
14.5 inch howitzer 3
14.5 inch howitzer 2
14.5 inch howitzer 1
6 inch howitzers
1st Bn Calais 1916