Nijmegen Company

Nijmegen Company, commanded by Major Alex Bayliss, is an independent company which was created when the 2nd Battalion was placed into suspended animation as a result of the 1993 round of defence cuts. Nijmegen Company carries the Colours of the 2nd Battalion and maintains its customs and traditions. The Company is based in Wellington Barracks, London, and is largely focused on public duties and state ceremonial events. A soldier passing out of basic training will be posted to Nijmegen Company for six to nine months. In this time, the Guardsman's training is built upon so that he is well prepared to take up his life in the 1st Battalion.

Company Commander: Maj A W E Bayliss

Second in Command: Capt J Garton

Company Sergeant Major: WO2 M Betts

Station: Wellington Barracks, London.


The end of August saw the return of Nijmegen Company from summer leave and some dramatic changes to the command structure. Major Bayliss started in his role as Company Commander, joined by CSM Betts and the new Second In Command Captain Garton from Battalion. Furthermore all three Platoon Commanders changed over, directly from the Battalion’s recent success on EX. ASKARI storm in Kenya. The Company hit the ground running; with the first day back from leave being on the ranges to get all the Guardsmen up to the standard for their live firing exercise on Salisbury Plain.

After the usual ceremonial duties The Company deployed to Salisbury Plain near the end of September for what turned out to be a very eventful 2 weeks. The live firing included a very challenging FOB day & night defensive shoot as well as the usual live firing progression. While on the blank phase the Platoons had a chance to be flown around the area in a Chinook, joined on a Hasty Attack by an Apache and shown around a Squadron of Challenger Tanks. Furthermore the weekend in-between was seized to train all the Guardsmen through some of their mandatory tests and help prepare them for their inevitable move to Battalion.

Back in the City of London, the eventful start of the Rugby World Cup saw many members of the Company having the privilege to be Flag Bearers at Twickenham Stadium and also attend the opening party with the England Team and Prime Minister in attendance.

October and November has seen the Company dealing with a classically wide range of tasks. The continuous main effort of ceremonial duties included Nijmegen providing 3 exceptionally smart street lining half-companies for the Chinese President’s State Visit and a Guard of Honour in early November for Kazakhstan’s visit.  Lt Naughton led a very capable Cambrian Patrol team with LSgt Perreira to Brecon and did incredibly well to bring back a Silver Medal, outclassing all the other Incremental Units and out-performing many other regular infantry units. Furthermore, concurrently, the Company has been supplying small groups of Guardsmen to RAAT tasks across the country.

Nijmegen Company, at the time of writing, is looking forward to a 4-day exercise in Brecon in November; in which in true Grenadier fashion they proudly deploy on directly from dismounting Queens Guard. The new Guardsmen will be tested on their navigation skills and living in the field in what will undoubtedly be cracking Welsh winter weather.