First Guards Club

The First Guards Club is the Regiment’s Officers’ Dining Club which normally meets once a year for a dinner in London. Occasionally there are other infrequent events such as a Cocktail Party or a Dance.

Membership of the Club is open to all Officers commissioned into the Regiment and currently stands at about 600.

The Club is run by a Committee consisting of a President, Wines Member, Secretary and Treasurer. Additionally, there are three serving and three non-serving members. The serving members are “ex-officio” for the sake of simplicity.



Major General C. R. V. Walker DSO The Regimental Lieutenant Colonel  
Major Lord Valentine Cecil, Wines Member                           Retired
Major R. C. D. T. Holtby                                 Retired
Captain C. A. C. Hartley                                  Retired
Major T. T. Youngman-Sullivan                                   Retired
Major N. A. Strachan (Ex Officio)                      Serving
Major H. R. W. Hardy (Ex Officio)                  Serving
Captain R. E. Thompson (Ex Officio)                Serving
Major J. P. W. Gatehouse Retired
Major A. J. Green Retired