The Fund

As a result of the intensity of recent operations, there is an urgent need to raise funds to deal with the multitude of new requests the Regiment faces, not just today but in the years ahead.

Whilst the immediate and short-term 'duty of care' for wounded Grenadiers lies wholly with the Ministry of Defence and thereafter with appropriate Government Departments such as Health, Social Security and Employment, the Regiment wishes to continue to assist all Grenadiers and their families as it has done in the past.

The Regiment should be at the heart of the recovery of all those Grenadiers and their families who have been affected by serious injury or disability by providing the right support at the right time in the right place. Hence, a new fund, The Colonel's Fund Grenadier Guards, has been created to supplement existing Regimental charitable funds, which are already fully committed.


The human cost of providing stability and security in Afghanistan

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Objectives of the Fund

The next ten years promise to make extraordinary demands on the Regiment, serving Grenadiers, their partners and families and particularly those members of the Regiment who have left through disability or work- related illness. The Colonel's Fund Grenadier Guards is designed to support, alleviate and improve the prospects of all those Grenadiers subsequently in need. Specifically it will enable the Regiment to:

The Colonel's Fund Grenadier Guards is a sub-fund of The Relief in Need Charity which forms part of The Regimental and Battalion Charities of the Grenadier Guards,

Registered Charity no. 1062257