A: How can I raise money for the Fund?

We always welcome volunteers to run projects and come up with ideas.
So if you would like to help, please contact
the Regimental Adjutant (020 7414 3280; regtladjt@grengds.com)
or the Project Officer (020 7414 3281; projectofficer@grengds.com)
as soon as possible.

If you have any other questions - please refer them to Regimental Headquarters

A: How can I donate?

Click here to download a Donor Form
» Send a cheque to Regimental Headquarters made out to The Colonel's Fund Grenadier Guards.
» Transfer a sum to our account by bank instruction or Internet Banking
» By credit or debit card, donate a sum through www.bmycharity.com/ColsFundGrenGds
If you are a UK Tax payer, tax relief will be automatically credited to our account.
» If you are registered on PayPal, you can send your donation to regtltreasurer@grengds.com
» Instruct your bank to make a Standing Order/Direct Debit to the Fund.
Click here to download a Standing Order/Direct Debit Form
» Through your Company's Payroll Giving Scheme.
Click here to download a Payroll Giving Scheme Form

Our account details are:
Lloyds TSB Bank plc,
Guards and Cavalry Branch,
PO Box 1190, 7 Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5NA
Account: The Colonel’s Fund Grenadier Guards
Account Number: 01963343 Sort Code: 30-11-75

A: Are there tax efficient ways to give?

If you pay income tax to the equivalent of your donation, we qualify for Gift Aid relief.