Your good name and the good name of the Regiment and the success of future events are all at risk if you don't keep proper records of income and legitimate expenses.

Legitimate expenses are any costs incurred in setting up and publicising an event. You should keep a record of all costs you claim against the event - with receipts whenever possible. Personal costs such as insurance, transport or telephone can be claimed but no personal remuneration or other costs. In other words, you cannot pay yourself a fee for organising the event out of the funds raised. If you have any doubts about what expenses you should claim, please err on the side of caution. Remember the aim of the exercise is to raise money for the Fund.

Try to bank all cash you collect on the same day you receive it. If you can't, bank it on the first banking day after the event and meantime keep it safe.

If your sponsors wish to give you a cheque rather than cash, please ask them to make it payable to The Colonel's Fund Grenadier Guards.

In the event that a donor would like to give a significant amount of money, please make sure they complete an individual Donor Form and the Gift Aid section.

Sending money to The Fund
Please pay all money you raise, namely cash and any cheques made out to you, into your bank account and then write just one cheque for the total, payable to 'The Colonel's Fund Grenadier Guards'. Send this cheque and any other(s) made out directly to the Fund, together with the completed Event Processing Form, by recorded delivery to:
The Regimental Adjutant (The Colonel's Fund)
Grenadier Guards,Wellington Barracks, Birdcage Walk, London SW1E 6HQ

You should send in the money you have raised no more than six weeks after the completion of your event/activity.

If in doubt about any financial matters, please contact the Regimental Treasurer (Tel: 020 7414 3225 email:

Gift Aid
Please take great care when completing your Sponsorship Form, particularly in respect of the Gift Aid boxes. This enables us to claim back tax on the donations at the basic tax rate i.e. currently 28p for every £1 donated.

To qualify for Gift Aid, your sponsor must have paid Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax in the UK, equal to the amount of tax that will be reclaimed and have completed the sponsor form and ticked the Gift Aid box on the form. For further information, see

It is the responsibility of the sponsor to ensure that they have read and understood the Gift Aid Declaration before ticking the box.

It is your responsibility to ensure the form is completed correctly (Surname + first name/initial, full residential address, postcode for each individual sponsor). Make sure you fill in the amount received and the date when you collect the money, confirming the amount that The Fund has actually received.

Please note, Gift Aid cannot be claimed on

» The price paid for anything such as goods from stalls or raffle tickets
» Price paid for entry tickets to attend an event
» If a minimum donation is required to attend an event, this is regarded as an entry fee.
» Connected persons: Gift Aid cannot be claimed back on any donations from people 'connected' to the participant e.g. spouse, relative, spouse of relative, a company under the control of the donor or under the control of persons who sponsor you in any event.