Legal and Safety

It is essential that all fundraising events and activities are run legally and safely.
Here are some guidelines:

YOU are responsible for ensuring that any event you organise in aid of The Fund complies with relevant laws, rules and regulations and that you have all necessary licences and permissions. Neither the Regimental Charity nor the Fund authorises fundraisers to act as agents for the Regimental Charity or the Fund and neither are responsible for organising, supervising or running your fundraising activities. All activities, and participation in them, are at organisers' and participants' own risk. Neither the Regimental Charity nor the Fund accept responsibility or liability for any loss or damage to property or for death or personal injury arising out of any fundraising activity relating to an event (except death or personal injury caused by our own negligence).

There are many sources of information and advice on running events and activities - local councils, police, trading standards and The Council for Voluntary Action (check on the web for your local CVA) may be able to offer support, depending on what it is you propose doing.

All fundraising and publicity materials must include the following statements, including emails:

All proceeds/profits will go to The Colonel's Fund Grenadier Guards, registered charity 1062257

If you wish to involve any companies in an event and they want to use the name of the Regiment for their commercial benefit, please contact Regimental Headquarters before doing so since there are a number of issues which we need to consider.

Due to costs and legal concerns, we cannot permit street or house-to-house collections nor allow the use of collection boxes.

Raffles and lotteries are highly regulated. Before organising either, please check with the Institute of Fundraising ( or in the case of lotteries with The Gambling Commission (

If food or drink is being sold at a fund raising event, it's best to use a venue which already has a licence. Likewise, it is advisable to check that the owners of the venue already have Public Liability Insurance.

You must comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 ( and all other relevant subordinate legislation.

Carry out a risk assessment of the environment you plan to operate in with a view to minimising the risks involved.

Consider any First Aid requirements. Contact your local branch of St John Ambulance for advice. Consider fire safety.

Make sure that everyone is safe while attending a fundraising event or activity for The Fund. Particularly keep an eye out for the safety of children under 16.