Grenadiers on the net

The purpose of this page is to try to link Grenadiers who have e-mail addresses. In order to apply some security one person will keep a roll of all the others and so anyone who wishes to obtain the e-mail address of those who are shown should first of all e-mail with details of your Regimental Number, Initials and Name and preferably in which Battalions you served. He will then pass you the e-mail address you have requested, inform me and your details will be added to the list. This has been in operation for some time now is proving a most successful form of communication.
If any reader can confirm that anyone on the lists is, in fact, deceased then will they please inform Jim White so that the necessary adjustment can be made.

Letter: A

Number Surname First Name Service Served In Location Now
24096206 Abbey Malcolm (Knob Head) 1967-91 2nd Bn, Gds Depot Goole, East Yorkshire.
24879703 Adams Tony (Grizzley, Blue) 1985-95 2nd Bn Buntingford, Herts
2623893 Adams, George 1943 - 1946 2nd Armoured Battalion Recce Troop, 3rd Battalion (1946) Oxford area
24558765 Adkins Dave 1980-96 1st Bn Frimley Green, Surrey
22545045 Ainscough James 1952-55 2nd Bn Walmer, Kent
25036042 Ainsworth Dave 1994-00 1st Bn Manchester
22545750 Ainsworth T 1953-56 3rd Bn Kent
24428147 Aldridge Clive 1976-85 1st Bn Essex Area
2629233 Allen Peter 1947-53 1st, 3rd Bns Luton, Beds
Captain Allen, Patrick 1973 - 1979 1st Bn Langham, North Norfolk
24021849 Allsop John (Ollie Beak) 1965-70 2nd Bn Coventry
24306826 Ambrose Martin (frank, stabber) 1975-92 2nd Bn Ayrshire, Scotland
24508392 Andrews Gary (Julie) 1978-81 2nd Bn Southampton
23865036 Andrews Michael 1961-67 1st, 2nd Bns Orpington, Kent
2741341 Angell-Baker Rodney (Spot) 1945-60 1st Bn (Drum Major) Cleckheaton, Yorks
24473731 Annetts, Jim 1978 - 1984 1st Bn Kettering, Northants
24096390 Anning, Gordon 1967 - 1973 2nd Bn High Wycombe, Bucks
24277693 Anstee Bob 1972-75 1st Bn Busselton, Western Australia
24863049 Anstee, Robert 1989 - 1993 1st Bn then AGC Swindon
24453871 Appleton Ivan 1979-85 1st, 2nd Bns Essex
22955135 Appleyard. John 1953-57 3rd Bn Blackpool, Lancs
22711427 Archer, James 1952 - 1954 Regimental Band Nr Bromyard, Herefordshire
23635072 Armishaw, Graham, 1995 - 1961 1st Bn Norway
24521828 Armstrong David 1979-84 2nd Bn Bradford, W.Yorks
23865116 Arnold Alec 1962-71 1st Bn Hedge End, Southampton
24400741 Ash Alan (Wishbone) 1976-00 2nd,1st Bns Gillingham, Dorset
24692865 Ashworth Duane 1984-95 1st Bn Queenborough, Kent
24841366 Aston Tim 1988-94 1st Bn Gloucestershire
24543237 Aston, Peter(Blackbird) 1979-01 1st, 2nd Bns, Depot Westbury, Wilts
24851922 Aston, Shaun 1988-93 1st Bn (AGC Corps Jul 93) Paris (AGC Corps) Sennelager July 2009
24141180 Austin Robert (Oszzy) 1970-75 1st Bn Isle of Wight
23969995 Avery Peter 1964-70 2nd Bn, RHQ Sutton, Surrey